The band members were Dick Bakker, Pierre Brachel, Erik Hofstede and Erwin de Ruiter.

The Filth were part of the first punk wave that hit Holland as did bands such as Ivy Green, Panic, Tits, Inside Nipples and the Flying Spiders.

The first gig was in Febuary 1978 at a high school in Amsterdam with sex leaflets that were thrown into the public and a blow up doll was fingered by Max Factor and Little Ron. The Filth was the first to shock the public with strong language so that a week later they played for a hockey club in Lelystad.

After the opening song “We want war! ” was played the organiser came on stage as the public were stunned and shock and we were threatened with not being paid if we didn’t play in a more suitable way, punk music was still so new that not everyone understood what was happening.  Erik’s father (Leo), was the driver of our van, sorted it out by joining us on stage and playing his mouth harmonica with the band still playing the original set, so that it was more like rock and roll and slightly less shocking.

The first gigs were chaotic, in Purmerend it got slightly out of hand and in north Amsterdam it got totally out of hand. During the gig a big group of guys walked in that didn’t like punk and so a massive punch-up happend. The roadies had to get our equipment out by kicking and pushing the hotheads off the stage with the aid of the microphone stands. There were lots of fights with gangs in North Amsterdam in those days, on on nights that The Filth went out in the local pub or other occasions the backdoor exit was used to escape the fights which didn’t always work.

Dick Bakker and Pierre Brachel had, put together a demo from the first gigs that Pierre brought to a record shop called ‘No Fun’ on the Rozengracht in Amsterdam and it was played often. Wally Middendorp heard it ther and had already brought out a single with his own band The Tits on the Plurex Lable. The Mollesters were the second band and brought out the track “Plastic’, The Filth was the third.

At the beginning of march The Filth went into the studio to record the single with on the A side “Don’t hide your hate” and on the B side ‘Sex” and “Nothing for me”. At the end of march 1978 the single was available in some shops in the scene and were sold pretty good through the whole of Holland and so there was more reaction especially the tracks on the single wherever The Filth played.

The Filth played for the first time in the “Paradiso” (Amsterdam) in April, due to a band dropping out and then two weeks later in the line up with two other bands. During this time the line-up of the band changed, the two singers Little Ron and Max Factor, actually the wild chorus screamers wasn’t right and so it was agreed that they would stop after the second gig in the Paradiso and Max didn’t show up on stage that night.

The music got serious and the more shocking tracks such as “We want war” and “We’re boys from Amsterdam” were dropped, instead songs like “Protected life” and “My romance” took there place and the band grew and more people outside of Amsterdam came to see The Filth play.

All gigs were sold out and the reaction was good. Sometimes a bit too good, like in Oudenbosch, toilets were thrown through the air and the whole place was vandalized due to the enthusiasm.

On the 21st of October 1978, The Filth played as the supporting band of The Clash in the Paradiso, what was to be a good concert and a great experience to not only support the band but to also meet The Clash in person.

One month later The Filth played once again in the Paradiso in a “Rock Against Racism” concert, where the Filth probably played their best gig ever.

In January 1979 it began to get a bit messy, there was a meeting with Plurex for a possible LP and there were a frequent number of gigs,. And there weas the idea to change the sound by adding Frank Cambach as the new bass player, originally from the band “The Softies”. This meant Dick Bakker changed from bass guitar to keyboards. Unfortunately with all good punk bands the drugs got the better of them !!

Sooner or later there were no rehersals and some of the members didn’t show up on time to play at gigs. Due to this the both the LP and the gigs got postponed and then from April 1979 Erwin and Frank started to play in another band “The Speedtwins” which became confusing.

At the end of June that year at the “Rock Against Racism” gig in the Amsterdam forrest (Amsterdamse bos) with a big stage. but due to the drugs and this meant the end of The Filth for the time being….

In 1992 the single “Don’t hide your hate” was sent to a competition called ‘De Grote Prijs’. The band qualified and the competition was held in….. yep….“Paradiso”. So a small reunion, Erik played again on drums, Dick on bass guitar, Pierre on guitar and a friend of Dick, George van der Heijden on lead guitar.

After that the band played gigs every now and again until around-about 1994 and then stopped due to all having their own different projects. Pierre started his own studio at home and started to re-record the best material of “The Filth” ‘78/’79 with the modern day equipment.

In 2001 The Filth the old songs were re-recorded in the Secret Records studio and a new CD was made simply called “The Filth” .
On this new CD was the new version of songs such as Don’t hide your hate, Nothing for me and Sex.

In 2015 the Filth took part in a singles album project from No Fun and Plurex entiled “I dont care” . The original single “Dont hide your hate” was featured on this album.

In 2013 The Filth took part in a limited various artist LP recorded “old school” on vinyl. titles “Punks not deaf” with a new track called “Into the red light”. In the youtube videoclip photo’s from the well know city-photographer Guus Helms are shown.

Punks not deaf
Various artist / Vinyl LP

The remaining members of the band recorded a studio CD with new songs. This album called Into the red light includes the single and more new tracks but unfortunately the tracks were never played live. Punk may not be deaf but the members from The Filth are having trouble.

In 2016 The Filth played a live rehersal and try-out held in the Purmerend pop stage P3 in preparation for a one-off gig for the last time. The last ever gig was this time with a different line up. Joel Qcumber on drums , Franknstein on guitar/vocals and Dick Bakker on bass guitar an vocals. and the gig was in aid of a reunion of the PLUREX label and held in the Paradiso in Amsterdam.

In 2016 the complete Plurex- e.p. of The Filth’s (Don’t hide your hate) was released on the vinyl LP with various recordings of original bands from the punk days

The track Don’t hide your hate is now being covered by different bands around the world such as the USA , Spain and Japan and the single has been reproduced in Japan along with other un-official T-shirts with the image printed on the original single.